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Hetty and Perkins - Halloween Special Edition 3" Kidrobot Custom Dunny

£99.99 / Sold Out

Something’s brewing in the little old cottage in the woods, filling the air with the smell of...pumpkin soup? That’s not actually that scary, in fact it’s very good for you and a delicious tea-time treat to keep you warm while you’re out collecting mushrooms and frogs and other vital ingredients for very serious witchcraft (leaf collages and such)

Hetty the witch is brewing a vast cauldron of soup for you, with the help of her esteemed familiar, Perkins the cat. They’ve got the magic touch, but don’t worry, you’re more likely to receive a cuddle than a curse when they’re around!

This is a custom 3" Kidrobot Dunny, and Litton, with sculpted parts, hand painted with acrylic and finished with a UV protective varnish and gloss. This set is for display purposes only. These are not to be eaten or treated roughly. Give 'em a break will ya?!