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Halloween Special - PUMPIE - 3" Custom Kidrobot Dunny

£74.99 / Sold Out

It's autumn! Halloween's a-comin' and Pumpie has been growing his costume from a seed.

It's finally ready, and after several meals of pumpkin-based recipes, he's carved it out and boy, is it snug!

Pumpie is ready for any party he can find, and as long as you don't mind squishy footprints or the occasional seed on the carpet, he's ready to be your guest of honour!

Invite him in, and get the party started!

Pumpie is a 3" customised Kidrobot Dunny with sculpted parts. He is hand-painted, and finished with UV resistant varnishes and gloss.

This is intended for display purposes only, and is not suitable for children, or rough-housing, or chomping on. Be nice!!