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Kubby - 3" Custom Kidrobot Dunny

£75.00 / Sold Out

Have you ever loved something that basically ruined your life? Oh Kubby, haven’t we all?

It was love at first sight for Kubby when he found this Puff-Weasel in a hedge, but it turns out that Puff-Weasels are wild, untamed, and shed coarse allergenic hair constantly. It’s too late for Kubby, he loves that weasel more than anything, through his sneezes and tears, it’s true love. Please though, for the love of god, don’t wake the weasel.

This is a 3" custom Kidrobot Dunny, with sculpted parts. It is hand painted with acrylics and finished with UV protection coat and gloss varnishes. This is for display only and should definitely not be tasted, nibbled, munched, or mistreated.