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Eggbert - 3" Custom Kidrobot Dunny

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Eggbert is such a chick magnet. Everywhere he goes, chicks wanna be with him, they want to get up close and adore him. What's his secret? How does this guy attract so many wide-eyed, sweet chicks? How can I be more like him? I know you're all desperate to figure out his secret. It's simple, just keep bits of crumbled up bread in your pockets. Chicks really dig guys with a lot of breadcrumbs. Try it yourself and see!

This is a 3" custom Kidrobot Dunny, with sculpted parts. It is hand painted with acrylics and finished with UV protection coat and gloss varnishes. This is for display only and should definitely not be tasted, nibbled, munched, or mistreated.